Julie. (li_kichi) wrote,

santa drawing wishlist

just listing fave characters/things for friends to draw for xmas
(no one draw my rpg characters please they are under redesign)

some favorite characters:

- date masamune (sengoku basara)
- gunzi (togainu no chi)
- izanagi (persona 4)
- souji seta (persona 4)
- minako arisato (persona 3 portable)
- theodore (persona 3 portable)
- bayonetta (bayonetta)
- toon link (zelda)
- felyne / airu -the cartoony ones- (monster hunter)
- hiroto kiyama (inazuma eleven)
- fudou akio (inazuma eleven)
- kidou yuuto (inazuma eleven)
- N (pokemon BW)
- morty (pokemon HGSS)
- white/ touko (pokemon BW)
- nobori and kudari -subway masters- (pokemon BW)
- hershel layton and luke triton (professor layton)
- leon (resident evil 4)
- chris (resident evil 5)
- kaworu nagisa (evangelion)
- cure sunshine (heartcatch precure)
- cure moonlight (heartcatch precure)
(there are probably more but i cant think of them now lol)


- drifloon
- drifblim
- shandera
- pendoraa
- bachuruu
- scraggy
- espeon
- dragonite
- gengar

also fave foods:

- chinese bbq pork buns (the white ones)
- cream puffs
- lollipops
- ice cream (mint chocolate chip)
- root beer floats
- chow mein
- orange chicken
- vietnamese sandwiches
- bbq ribs
- honey walnut shrimp
- chicken nuggets
- strawberry milkshakes
- milk teas
- inari
- unagi
- fucking desserts. all of them. especially the fancy ones
Tags: xmas list

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