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omg pokemon black and white tour~

yeah so on feb 12-13 the pokemon black and white tour was in town. of course we all had to go lol
i was so excited *O* i lava them pokemons~

anyways here is a short summary because im too lazy to go in depth lol.
so i did a lot of research beforehand from people who already went so i knew what to expect and plan out what i wanted to do/get. basically what we did was raid the pokemon center first and buy some nice swag. after that we started doing the stamp rally to get the free prize from the prize wheel. we played the demo of BW in the demo area and got a free pin. when we got all our stamps we stood in line for a long time to spin the prize wheel. after we got our free prizes we took photos with the mascots and at the green screen.  it was so fun that i went back the next day and did it all over again lol. i hope there will be more events like this in the future. i love going to these pokemon events :>

o and i should mention that there were a ton of weirdos at the event -__-;; i mean i expected for there to be cosplayers, gijinkas, furries, goths etc (there was nothing outstanding/ noteworthy) ... but i also saw bleach cosplay. wtf? why? its not a convention people.

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christmas party 2010~

wow im actually posting journals on this now lol i guess ill start using it more often. maybe ill use it to post random art that isnt good enough for dA and other everyday things. i dunno who is ever gonna read them but ill post here anyway. for the memories you know.

anyways yesterday everybody came over to my house for a late christmas party :>
and everyone was able to make it yay. so it was me, claudia, lindy, chelsea, nichols, nicolette, justin, and our new friend cindy who will joining us for fanime as well. it was super fun and there was a lot of delicious fattening foods (mostly sweets/cakes) lol
we did white elephant (with mostly joke gifts) along with passing normal gifts out. since we are all artists i loved how most of the gifts were hand made/ drawn. very nice :) i had a great time and cant wait for next year's party lol

cindy gave me and nicolette pokedolls from the pokemon center in japan~ i adore them *O* 
tsutarja and mijimaru are mine and pokabu is nicolettes :>
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santa drawing wishlist

just listing fave characters/things for friends to draw for xmas
(no one draw my rpg characters please they are under redesign)

some favorite characters:

- date masamune (sengoku basara)
- gunzi (togainu no chi)
- izanagi (persona 4)
- souji seta (persona 4)
- minako arisato (persona 3 portable)
- theodore (persona 3 portable)
- bayonetta (bayonetta)
- toon link (zelda)
- felyne / airu -the cartoony ones- (monster hunter)
- hiroto kiyama (inazuma eleven)
- fudou akio (inazuma eleven)
- kidou yuuto (inazuma eleven)
- N (pokemon BW)
- morty (pokemon HGSS)
- white/ touko (pokemon BW)
- nobori and kudari -subway masters- (pokemon BW)
- hershel layton and luke triton (professor layton)
- leon (resident evil 4)
- chris (resident evil 5)
- kaworu nagisa (evangelion)
- cure sunshine (heartcatch precure)
- cure moonlight (heartcatch precure)
(there are probably more but i cant think of them now lol)


- drifloon
- drifblim
- shandera
- pendoraa
- bachuruu
- scraggy
- espeon
- dragonite
- gengar

also fave foods:

- chinese bbq pork buns (the white ones)
- cream puffs
- lollipops
- ice cream (mint chocolate chip)
- root beer floats
- chow mein
- orange chicken
- vietnamese sandwiches
- bbq ribs
- honey walnut shrimp
- chicken nuggets
- strawberry milkshakes
- milk teas
- inari
- unagi
- fucking desserts. all of them. especially the fancy ones